QSN Q3 Update – New Logo and More!

Can you believe it is officially fall? They say time flies when you’re having fun and that has proven to be the case here at QSN. Last time we connected I mentioned we were almost at the finish line with the development of our new logo and we were getting ready to begin work on our new website. I am happy to report that we finally crossed one of these big items off our “to do” list! Here’s a quick update on that and some other exciting news at QSN.

We found the easy button!

Well, not exactly. That’s still a mystery waiting to be solved, but we did select a new image for QSN! I have to say, this was one of the toughest projects I have ever worked on – but it was well worth it. I think our new image is representative of QSN’s team approach, the three distinct industries we serve – drug, medical device, and biologics manufacturers – as well as our combination products focus, and does so in a very abstract, yet progressive way. What do you think of the new logo?

Who is QSN?

We often get that question when meeting new people within and outside of our industry. So, we decided to answer that question with our new tagline (see our logo above). At QSN, we offer a proprietary process-driven approach, best-in-class technology, and experience through a roster of highly skilled, specialty knowledge resources for medical device, drug and biologics manufacturing. Lock this into memory because I will quiz you the next time we connect!

Moving on to home base

Yes! We just kicked off our website redesign project. As you can tell, I am very excited about this – specifically because our new website will serve as home base for our message and overall marketing strategy. What’s even more exciting to me is that the new design will complement our new image – bringing great consistency to our company brand. And, I can’t leave out the fact that we are building our new site with our clients in mind – making sure it doesn’t just look good, but serves as a great resource as well. We’ll keep you up to date on progress.

Welcome Juan Devarie!

We’re thrilled to announce that the QSN core team is growing with the addition of Juan Devarie as our new Program Manager. Juan comes to QSN with an extensive background in software engineering and database architecture. In his new role, Juan will lead efforts to position QSN as the premier resource for strategic support and tactical project management expertise – for medical device, drug and biologics manufacturing – by leveraging new technologies and enhancing business operations.

The latest additions to our consulting team

We pride ourselves on our roster of highly skilled consultants that are hand selected for their versatile backgrounds, business acumen and interpersonal skills. Here are the latest additions to our team.

Art Madenjian

Engineering professional with B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, M.S. in Plastics Engineering, and M.B.A. Expertise in product and process development, change management initiatives, and compliance.

Jaclyn Budreckis

Certified Quality Engineering professional with B.S. in Marine Biology (also graduate studies in Biology) and expertise in product and process development, compliance, and process improvement.

Joseph Crea

Technical professional with B.S. in Biology, certified in Quality Engineering and Quality Auditing, and expertise in product and process development, change management initiatives, and compliance.

Monique Mozone

Quality professional with extensive coursework in Biology and expertise in product and process development and compliance.

That’s a wrap for today. Until next time!