Partner with an elite team of progressive, motivated, innovative professionals

We provide our consultants with opportunities to utilize their existing expertise, and also to gain invaluable and marketable new knowledge and skills related to our clients’ innovative products, new technologies, and cutting edge systems. All of this, plus a team of resources in their back pockets, positions our consultants to perform at an exemplary level. QSN consultants also receive sales/marketing, project management, technical, reference material, administrative, customer service, and accounts payable support. And, although we can’t guarantee it, It is QSN’s intent that our successful consultants will be regularly invited to participate in new projects that meet our client criteria, with minimal “down-time.”

Benefits of partnering with QSN as a consultant

  • Improved Marketability

    Our “Consultant Profile” turns an ordinary resume into an extraordinary showcase of your expertise, improving your sell-ability.

  • Increased Networkability

    Our strong network of connections and focus on business networking through Internet, face-to-face, referral, and strategic alliance networking are extremely effective in proactively recognizing, creating, and acting upon business opportunities, increasing your sustainability.

  • Successful Contract Management

    Our extensive experience in contract administration provides us with the necessary leverage to negotiate the best terms possible, and secure extensions by tracking consumption and managing client needs.

  • Reduced Receivables Collection Period

    Our accounts payables are expedited, disbursing your pay immediately following your invoice for a two-week billing cycle, so that you do not have to wait 45 to 60 days for QSN to receive compensation from clients.

  • Enhanced Customer Service

    Our 90-day feedback program is instrumental in anticipating our clients’ needs and identifying ways to exceed their expectations, enhancing your and the clients’ satisfaction.

  • Increased Collaboration

    Our team of resources is behind the scenes ready to offer you additional thought leadership and solution identification, ensuring your success on each assignment.

Partner with QSN by becoming a consultant

Collaborate with other passionate and knowledgeable professionals who possess a wide range of skills and backgrounds in regulatory life science and medical technology.

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