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If you fail to plan, plan to fail

We’ve all heard this saying, right? Sometimes though, it takes a fail in our lives for us to remember it again and let it sink in!

This time of year many of us are getting in some much needed travel time, hoping for some rejuvenation and fresh outlooks for ourselves and our careers. This past month, I did just that! My family and I traveled to Europe for a 3 week adventure! I was in full planning mode by arranging all the details and planning what we would see in all the places that we traveled to. This wasn’t necessarily a relaxing vacation (when in Europe, you need to see all you can to justify the 24 hour door-to-door travel time), but since planning comes naturally to me as a project manager, I thought I would nail this planning process as “tour director” for our vacation.

Boy was I wrong! Read more »